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They then stood behind the victims for several minutes and had a discussion. Adams then returned to the victims and ordered Vandever, who had stood back up, to kneel behind the women. Driver later testified that Vandever said that "it was nikki dement candace for him to take his medicine, and nikki dement candace was ready to go home. Adams asked, "Did we get anybody"They shot me.

When Dement fell forward, Driver did too, pretending to be hit. Driver did not nikki dement candace, pretending to be dead. Adams then said, "Are you bleeding? I'll shoot you in the face if you don't answer me. The pellets hit her lip. She again pretended to be dead.

Adams and Cobb then turned to Dement and asked her the same questions. Dement also feigned death as both men kicked her for about a minute. Adams grabbed Dement's hair and held up her head nikki dement candace one of the men shined a lighter on her face to see if she was still alive. Dement continued to feign death.


Cobb said, "She's dead. Let's go. After Adams and Cobb left, Candace Driver, nikki dement candace sustained only minor injuries, ran to a nearby house. Nikki Dement was taken to a hospital via helicopter with injuries including a broken shoulder blade, broken ribs, and collapsed lung. She entered Heaven's gates on July 27, She was a Christian and a loving mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great grandmother. She was a remarkable cook and enjoyed preparing meals for her fami…. Nikki dement candace Article Add New Article.

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Richard Aaron Cobb is scheduled to be executed at 6 p. See Coleman v. Thompson, U. If the state court denied the claim on its merits, a federal court may only grant relief if the state court's adjudication of the claim resulted in a decision that was contrary to, or involved an unreasonable application of, clearly established federal law, as determined by the Supreme Court of the United States, see 28 U. In reviewing a state court decision, this Court reviews questions of law and mixed questions of law and fact under section d 1and reviews questions of fact under section d 2. The state court's findings of nikki dement candace are presumed to be correct, and the applicant has the burden of rebutting this presumption of correctness by clear and convincing evidence. Richardson v. Quarterman, F.

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If a claim was presented to the state court but not adjudicated, this Court will determine it de novo, just as factual issues not determined by the state court are determined de novo. See Miller v. If the state court based its decision on the alternative grounds of procedural default and rejecting the claim on its merits, the general rule in this circuit is that a federal court must, in the absence of good cause and prejudice, or a fundamental miscarriage of justice, deny relief because of the procedural default, see Hughes v. Dretke, Nikki dement candace. See Busby nikki dement candace. Adams's first claim is that his Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel was violated by his trial counsel's failure to present evidence that Richard Cobb judicially confessed to the murder of Kenneth Vandever.

nikki dement candace This claim was adjudicated on the merits by the state court, see state habeas corpus record "SHR" Vol. Cobb was tried before Adams, and took the stand in his own defense, both in the guilt determination phase and in the punishment determination phase of his capital murder trial.


Cobb admitted that he shot Vandever, but he claimed that Adams told him to do it, and said that nikki dement candace Cobb was afraid to disobey Adams. At the close of the punishment determination phase of Adams's trial, the prosecution conceded that neither Driver nor Dement saw who shot Vandever, and that a defense witness had testified that Cobb had said to him that he Cobb shot Vandever, while a prosecution witness had testified that Adams said to him that he Adams had shot the victim. The prosecution argued that Adams was the person who controlled the events from beginning to end, and regardless of who pulled the trigger "[I]t was clearly Beunka Adams was helping kill Kenneth Vandever.

In Wiggins v. Smith, U. Counsel is expected to nikki dement candace a thorough investigation into the available evidence and potential defenses; if this is done, his strategic and tactical decisions are reviewed with considerable deference; a court cannot find an attorney's conduct deficient simply because it disagrees with his choices.

Adams, Beunka –

Adams does not contend that his trial attorneys failed to thoroughly investigate the testimony Cobb gave in his own trial, so the first question for the Court is whether, considering the strong presumption that counsel's strategic and tactical choices were reasonable, counsel's decision not to either call Nikki dement candace as a witness or introduce his trial testimony constituted deficient performance.At nikki dement candace time of the robbery, Candace Driver and Nikki Dement were working in the store, and the only customer present was Kenneth Vandever. Adams and Cobb. They took store clerks Candace Driver and Nikki Ansley Dement hostage along with customer Kenneth Vandever and forced them into Driver's.

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