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Product Review: MapInfo Professional Version 10.5

To make it print with translucency, on the Map menu, point to Options. It should not be rasterized. The legend sample swatches convert to raster mapinfo pdf printer print or export. Even though TrueType point symbols are rendered as text on the screen, they convert to raster during printing or exporting.

However, some graphics and text may become blurry when you export a layout. To correct this, on the Options menu point to Preferences and then click Output Settings.

This corrects the issue, but may cause some labels on the map to look slightly different in the export from what is in the layout. Printing Guide 3. Centered on Window Click this button to center as much of the current map that fits on the page. When you select this option, the image may print mapinfo pdf printer more than one page depending upon fit.

Map Info Professional Printing Guide

In general when you select this option, MapInfo Professional assumes you want to select the Mapinfo pdf printer to Page radio button and selects this for you. To go there on the File menu point to Print and click Advanced in the Print dialog box. You cannot select these options for a layout in a Layout Designer window. These options are the same as those you select in mapinfo pdf printer Output Settings Preferences dialog box.


Cheers, Danny. Posted November 14, There are buttons on the Table List window that will group tables by type, sort tables in ascending or descending order, and display recently opened tables first. The Table List provides a search function where the user can begin typing the name of a table and the table list is filtered with each keystroke to show tables that include the characters typed in the search box. Users can mapinfo pdf printer on a table name in the Table List to view a popup menu where they can select records, browse the table, open a table in a new map window, export the table, refresh a table, view the table structure, create points, update a column in the table, and view a catalog record. A stacked style is a list of styles drawn on top of each other to create a more complex or interesting looking map feature.

The printer resolution affects the amount of compression. Users should turn off either the driver's, or our scaling, as doing both scales fill patterns twice. Try both types of scaling to find the one you like better.

These issues are grouped by operating system. MapInfo Professional Versions: 6.

There are several issues here, including the size of the spool file, amount of printer memory, and whether the container Word, PowerPoint, etc. Translucent images do not print correctly if you select the Print Direct to Device option. Resolution: Typically, if you are working with a PostScript printer mapinfo pdf printer you should use the Enhanced Metafile approach to printing and let MapInfo Professional handle printing the transparent and translucent layers of raster or grid images.


Mapinfo pdf printer Recommendation: Most printers should be able to handle the MapInfo Professional generated vector fill pattern styles. However, if you are still having problems, we recommend that you use Windows vector fill patterns that are in the first row of the Region Style dialog box to get better results. See General Printing Tips mapinfo pdf printer Tricks for more details. Usually in these cases, you or someone in IT removes the printer and installs a new driver over the network.

Problem printing maps to PDF with MapInfo - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

However the preferred mapinfo pdf printer setting in the Printer Preferences dialog box is not reset at that time mapinfo pdf printer remains unchanged, which creates a version discrepancy. PRF Preferences file. Do not make any changes to the file, just delete it. When you reopen the application, MapInfo Professional re-creates the preferences file and resets the entries to the MapInfo Professional defaults. You will have to re-enter your preferences when you return to the preferences dialog boxes. After you have deleted the.

PRF file, the Print button in the Preferences dialog box will re-activate.

Select the desired printer as the MapInfo preferred printer.There is not a separate installation for the MapInfo Pro PDF Printer driver. The PDF Printer driver is tied mapinfo pdf printer with the MapInfo Pro Installer. By default the MapInfo Professional PDF driver prints at DPI. This can be more than required if you do not intend to print highly detailed.


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