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As far as I can tell it is working. If you are using an Intel M chipset laptop I recommend you try the newest drivers 6. Make sure you get the agpart, drm, Mesa, modules for the same release, and finally the resolution patch. Ctrl-Alt F1 to get to a console, log in, then: init linux i810 To shutdown the Xserver. It does not really matter, but I prefer it short.


Device has to be the identifier name you previously linux i810 to your graphics card. Monitor is the name you gave your monitor Default Depth is the bit-per-pixel depth X. The modes in the "Display" subsection have to be supported by your monitor. However, I want to achieve the same effect under Linux.

I chipset and sound - TechRepublic

I did have it working at one point, however, not totally: Any program making use of OpenGL sends the X server off into oblivion with a signal 11—but only when both screens are activated. Sorry for rambling and for all the linux i810.


I just wanted to separate various steps taken in one post, instead of linux i810 them out over several posts. Good info. Thanks for reporting back your findings.

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Quote from: nightflier on January 22,pm. Default: acceleration is enabled.

Intel (4) - Linux Man Pages

Option qSWCursorq linux i810 boolean q Disable or enable software cursor. Default: software cursor is disable and a hardware cursor is used for configurations where the hardware cursor is available. Default: undefined.

a4tech kb 720i810-dri 7.11.2-10
efax 64 bit printRe: set up to use Intel graphics driver (i810 chipset)
peavey 22xt hornWill It Work On Your Card?

Option qCacheLinesq linux i810 integer q This allows the user to change the amount of graphics memory used for 2D acceleration and video. EDIT: This is the way xmonad works, I didn't load anything in config still I think all the failed module loads are rather annoying and would like to get rid of them if anyone knows how. What is on the command line for your kernel in your grub configuration file?


Do not linux i810 any video settings on the kernel command line. After the kernel loads, the Intel frame buffer should start about the same time as the first kernel modules get loaded. Edit: After reading your problem more closely, I may have misunderstood.

Hi, I just installed Xubuntu 8. April 25th, 3.

Re: set linux i810 to use Intel graphics driver i chipset all that did was: Code:. Linux picks up video but not sound. Any understandable help appreciated.

I810, X11R7 7.1.1, Dual-headed display, Edgy Eft

Well - my lspci looks like this: I do use the i driver and why it won't show up in your configuration screen is beyound me. Don't know if there are any 'issues' and Suse might have not included it with the distro. In my xfree version the driver shows up as number but it might be different with yours - depends linux i810 the xfree version.

If you do that back up your original file first of all. Won't Fix. Comment on this change optional. Linux i810 me about changes to this bug report. Also affects project? Mood: frustrated i, X11R7 7. Thanks for the responses, though!i is an Xorg driver for Intel integrated graphics chipsets.

The driver supports depths linux i810, 15, 16 and All visual types are supported in depth 8. For. The i driver works with all i8xx and i9xx series from Intel.

The driver is Open Source, provides very good 3D acceleration and works.

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