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The calcomp 23180 mask defaults to all buttons up and down, coordinate reporting and the Stored Procedure undefined.

Device must be opened successfully first. Region 0or the display region, will be created within the tablet coordinate system bounded by the rectangle, or lower-left and upper-right, respectively. This region will be activated by the press or release of any button and output Calcomp 23180 and Y coordinates relative to the last reported position.


Region 1 through Region 4 - will be created similarly within the tablet coordinate system see Listing 1 for the specific bounding areas of each but will not output coordinate data and therefore are defined with event masks comprising only the release of button 1. Since these regions will constitute file menu selections for a host processor application, coordinate data is not required and events from these regions will contain only the event bits satisfied button 1 up and the region address. Further to the example, each region is assigned character keystrokes necessary to activate the requisite command within the hypothetical application which could simulate the actual commands as typed from a keyboard on the host processor.

Region 5 through Region 8 - will be created within the tablet coordinate system see Listing 1 for the specific bounding areas of each but will neither output coordinate data nor events. Instead, calcomp 23180 will be assigned a Stored Procedure consisting of a series of Interface commands which will be executed upon activation of the specific region in this case the release of button 1. These regions collectively Will modify the rotation of the regional coordinate system in Region 0 thereby producing rotational effects when Region 0 outputs coordinate calcomp 23180 to the host processor for drawing on the screen.

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Each Stored Procedure in Region 5 through Region 8 - consists of simply one Interface command to change the Region 0 coordinate rotation: the rotation factor for which is specific to each of Region 5 through Region 8 - In this regard, Region 5 will set the rotation to degrees counter-clockwise, Region 6 the rotation to 90 degrees, Region 7 the rotation to degrees and Region 8 to zero degrees, or no rotation at all. Note that while each region's rotation value is different see listing 1 for each region under the Procedure heading and Argument 1 columnsthe address calcomp 23180 each command is always Region 0 Finally, Region 9 though Region 12 -created within the tablet coordinate system see Listing 1 for the specific bounding areas of each also demonstrate the use of Stored Procedures but with the intended effect of beginning, editing, playing and closing a stored sequence of event packets which in this example are generated only from Region 0 through Region 4 - As such, the are not defined in terms of a local or regional coordinate system, but execute their Stored Procedures upon activation or the release of button 1i.

While each of the various regions are grouped for completeness, Calcomp 23180 9 through Calcomp 23180 12 - are grouped together Region Group 3 specifically in order to benefit from the use of region group addresses in executing their Interface commands. Each Stored Procedure will first disable Region Group 3or all the macro regions -before re-enabling specific regions in order to maintain the syntax of the Interface. This means, for example, that before a macro can be replayed it must be opened and ended.

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Calcomp 23180, the region which replays a macro, Region 10is disabled until the macro is both opened and ended. The use of region group addressing, while not necessary, facilitates context-dependent relationships in addition to increasing execution speed and lowering code size.


calcomp 23180 Upon execution of this Stored Procedure, Region 9Region 10 and Region 12 will be disabled and the Interface will be collecting and saving event packets in a macro queue for later playback. At this point, the macro is recorded and ready for playback or can be closed calcomp 23180 a new one opened.


This allows a new macro to be recorded without context-dependent errors such as ending, playing calcomp 23180 closing a macro which has been previously closed. The specific Interface commands and their arguments necessary to implement this example template may be found in Listing 2 below which contains three major sections: Prolog, Region and Stored Procedure definitions, and an Epilog. Each of these sections specified for clarification only lists the command codes and their arguments in hexadecimal notation along with a textual command description. Column 1 is a code address counter for reference purposes only and it not part of the command set.

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Columns 2 though 7 calcomp 23180 the sixteen-bit words comprising the Interface command, its address and arguments 1 through 4if any. Then, as in the case of Region 0if a local coordinate system is to be used, it is further defined in terms of its extents or resolution, origin and rotation.

Since only one region in this example calcomp 23180 designed to output coordinate data, Region 0commands to establish the regional coordinate system need only be executed for that region. As stated earlier, this is not always necessary but facilitates region manipulation in the macro regions, Region 9 through Region 12 -in this example.

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Each command of the Interface is listed below along with a description of its action, packet formats and arguments, errors returned and related commands. A digitizer interface that translates the digitizer-specific reports into virtual areas of the digitizer which may be divided into specific regions or virtual tablets.Release Date: Apr ; Version: ; Calcomp 23180 ; Notes: Product Updates; Other: Legacy Downloads. Are you an AutoCAD user?CADriver requires. CALCOMP DRIVER DOWNLOAD - As mentioned earlier, the PIO provides important synchronization between the CPU and HPI via signals to each.

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