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Read a few forums, get guidance, and execute a few enhancements, and this thing rocks forperiod. Quick Shipping on all Orders.

Review of Augen GENTOUCH78 7" Android Tablet

Call or SMS I too tried to contact HLY to find out about ordering a new screen since my G78 fell and cracked. Do you have any suggestions how augen gentouch78 usb get a screen? Augen has not been helpful verifying the specs.

I have seen your pics. Tipster provided the part number but the English part of the manufacturers website is not working correctly. So I wanted to get something that could fit in my purse. This has worked out augen gentouch78 usb for me.

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I can access everything I need to, wit hout leaving my area. On the downside during personal use, I am unable to access facebook games. However I am overall pleased with my purchase. Once rooted, augen gentouch78 usb is a great little tablet.

I've never used a tablet before, so I can not rate it against other tablets. I like this one though. Login with.

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I agree to Liliputing's Privacy Policy. Click Uninstall to enter the confirmation uninstall interface: E-mail Click the E-mail augen gentouch78 usb can enter the e-mail, and then you can proceed as follows: 1.


Set e-mail account; 2. Open a new e-mail; 3. Send and receive e-mail. ES File Explorer Click the file browser icon. Click OK to uninstall the application. Uninstall finished interface shows augen gentouch78 usb the following picture:. In the file browser, it can go back to the previous screen by pressing the Switching to the memory card sdcard By now, iReader is uninstalled from the device. augen gentouch78 usb

Typical Applications Introduced Copy files: In the file browser, the internal storage device is named nand; the memory card is named sdcard; If you want to copy files among memory cards, please refer to the following actions:. Enter the file browser and click the memory card icon enter the sdcard folder; Select the file you want to copy and press the icon for 2 seconds, this following list will augen gentouch78 usb after that:.

Augen Gentouch 78 Manual

Delete files: Select the file you want to delete and press the augen gentouch78 usb for 2 seconds, it will then pop-up a operating list. Select delete to pop the confirmation box giving you the option to delete a file:. Click copy; Click the internal storage device icon to enter the nand folder and then click the folder of destination.

Press augen gentouch78 usb hold the found at the bottom-center of the screen, a black field showing the copied icon will pop-uppress and hold the icon for 2 seconds to pop-up the following list: Click OK to delete the file. Click on any picture to enter the slideshow mode. The mode will be in full-screen. It also gives you options with manipulating the pictures display functions To rotate pictures, press the picture for 2 seconds, a Picture options box shall pop-up giving you the commands to veiw, share, rotate, delete and crop.


I know both of these office suites from other platforms and they work very well, so this was another case of growing pains in getting a new platform to work. And speaking of things that didn't augen gentouch78 usb right, the audio on my GenTouch did not work properly either. For the most part, all I got was loud scratchy noises.

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Most regular customers would instantly have returned the device for something as important as that, but since I don't use the device for music I decided to put up with it and hope I'll find a fix for it.Augen GenTouch78 Review. Sadly, Augen's augen gentouch78 usb GenTouch78 falls in the latter category.

While it may achieve cult status in the Android hacker community, consumers should steer clear of its frustrating resistive touchscreen and poor button placement. Rugged PC Review assessment of the Augen GenTouch78 Android Inside the box are the GenTouch78 augen gentouch78 usb, a mini-USB to USB host.

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