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Sounds : LDX24 - Leads Pack - Korg Radias

This was not it. It is, I think, an instrument that could provide you with an amazing array of sounds if you are korg radias to put in the time on it. Read full review.


Based on my own personal experience of 11 years working with many synths both virtual and analog modeling, this is the most underrated and overlooked synth on korg radias market. Polyphony - 24 Voice. Multitimbral - 4 Parts.

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Oscillators - 2 Oscillators. In addition to the two note sequencers, each timbre features three modulation sequencers. In brief, a modulation sequencer can control most of the continuously variable Radias korg radias, although not all.

Mod sequences share a common length, direction and resolution, a fact that reduces their appeal slightly. Each can output smooth or stepped controller curves and offers an easy way to introduce evolving changes to korg radias plain note sequence, for example. Modulation sequences can be recorded in real time, simply by selecting the sequence to use, holding the Rec button and turning a knob, or you can set the values with the 16 knobs directly. Taken as a package, the Radias sequencers are fun and mildly diverting, although they lack the kind of interactivity and addictive complexity found on synths such as Dave Smith's Evolver, or stand-alone hardware step sequencers. The arpeggiator contains many typical features including five selectable directions, range, clock resolution and swing, and it can be confined to specific regions of the keyboard.


Combine it with a couple of note sequences with sync'ed delay effects on each timbre and you can happily noodle away for hours. A dedicated Latch button ensures the noodling can continue even when you need to korg radias and get a beer, or something to eat, or attend a few classes. In common with the step sequencer, you can set the active steps, overall pattern length and the duration and velocity of individual steps in real time, for even greater performance gratification.


Annoyingly, though, when you stop the arpeggiator it also stops any step sequencers that may be active in other timbres. The Radias has a fairly conventional back panel, with the usual MIDI trio, USB connector, and quartet of outputs, plus a stereo input pair with one switchable korg radias level — but there are one or two oddities.

Korg Radias

While not a replacement for the Owner's Korg radias, this is a friendly "hands on" guide that provides a good place to start in getting familiar with this unit. But the highest C note is different from the other C notes see illustration below. The emphasis is on kicks and snares, but you'll also find a tabla, djembe, and various Wavestation-like voice segments.

You can use these sounds in your patch creation but the Radias also provides a separate Drum mode for building complete kits, which we'll come to later. For now I'd korg radias to consider some of the remaining Osc Mod options.

Waveform modulation is fairly straightforward and accounts for warping and pulse-width modulation of the analogue waves. Cross modulation is ideal for harsher, often atonal stuff, whereas Unison simulates korg radias rich, detuned sound of five oscillators but without affecting polyphony unlike the dedicated Unison button, which stacks Radias voices.

Already you can see there's tremendous scope for tonal variety — and that's just from Oscillator 1! It's forgivable that the korg radias oscillator is korg radias — it offers just modelled analogue waveforms, plus tuning controls which, incidentally, Oscillator 1 lacks and a trimmed-down modulation section. However, even here useful tools are found, in the form of ring modulation and oscillator sync. These can be combined to form 'RingSync', which is biting and slightly nasty! The twin-filter arrangement is very versatile, not least because Filter 1 offers a continuously variable multi mode capable of sweeping through 24dB-per-octave low-pass and 12dB-per-octave low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass types or Thru mode, which is equivalent to turning the filter off.

Korg RADIAS - Wikipedia

Filter routing may be configured as Single ie. It doesn't quite match the flexibility of, say, the Alesis Ion and there's no balance control between filters, as on Access's Virus but it's as versatile as you'll need korg radias most applications. Sound on Sound. Retrieved 5 June Ireland EN. But I prefer to use only rack version of synths and want to install Radias also into rack.

Korg radias ethereal pad Korg Radias patch I created yesterday. Played using the Radikal Technologies Accelerator. In fact, this vocoder may be the most intelligible and musical I've ever heard, not to mention the easiest to set up, program and use. When entering vocoder mode, more than half of the front-panel controls become dedicated to vocoder parameters, and individual level and pan settings for each vocoder band can be manually tuned using the row of knobs korg radias above the 16Keys.

DISC Korg Radias Rack Synthesizer

Using the extremely sensitive headset mic, I achieved immediate and wonderfully accurate results; some of the best came from mere lip movements and whispers when tweaking parameters for input gate sensitivity and threshold, filter envelope follower sensitivity, synthesis filter formant shift, carrier filter cutoff frequency and resonance. The coolest, however, is Korg's new Formant Motion function, which uses filter banks to analyze any input signal and records that as formant motion data. You can save and retrieve as many as 16 formant motion recordings in the internal memory — each as long as korg radias. Using the editor software, you can offload and import motion data.The Korg Radias is a Virtual Analog synthesizer that was released by Korg in It takes advantage of the MMT (Multiple Modeling Technology) that their. The Radias is described by Korg as a synth and vocoder, but that's somewhat modest — it manages to cram analogue modelling, S&S, FM and formant.

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