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Running on Win 7 might be slow compare to XP.


Show posts by this member only Post 4. Dec 6PM. General Chipset Type. Compatible Processors.

Processor Socket. LGA Socket. Revi sion Re visi on History Date.

Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board D946GZIS

If an FCC declarat ion of confo rmity marki ng is present on t he boar d, the followin g statemen t applies:. FCC Declarati on intel g946gzis lan Conformi ty.

Operation is subject to the follow ing two conditio ns: 1. For ques tions related to the EMC performanc e of this product, c ontact:. Intel Corpo ration, N. This intel g946gzis lan ipment ha s been t est ed and found to comply with th e limi ts for a Cl ass B digit al device, pu intel g946gzis lan to.

Part 1 5 of th e FCC Rules. Th ese li mits ar e design ed intel g946gzis lan o provi de reas onable prot ection again st harmfu l.

This equip ment generates, usesand can radiate radio freque ncy. Howeve r, there is no guarantee that inter ference will no t occur in a particular.

Intel Desktop Board DGZIS - motherboard - micro ATX - LGA Socket - iGZ Series Specs - CNET

If this equip ment does cause harmful inte rference to r adio or televis ion reception, w hich can be. Any change s or modificatio ns to the equipm ent not expressly approved by I ntel Corporatio n could void the. Tested to comply with FCC standards for home or office use. Canadian De partment o f Communi cations Co mpli ance Statement. This di gita l appa ratu s does n o t exceed th e Cla ss B li mits for radi o n oise emi ssions fr om di git al appa ratus set. Intel produc ts are not intended. Intel may make changes to specific ations and. Cur rent ch aracteri zed erra ta ar e avai labl e on r equest. Contact yo ur local Intel s ales office or your distr ibutor to obtain the late st specif ications and before placing.

Copies of doc uments which have an ordering numb er and are referenced in this doc ument, or other Intel. Intel, Pe ntium, and Celero n are registered tr ademarks of Intel g946gzis lan Corp oration or its subsidiar ies in the United. States and other countr ies.


All righ ts res erved. Th e sui intel g946gzis lan bilit y of thi s produ ct f or oth er PC or emb edd ed. The fo llowing conve ntions are use d in this manual:. Cautions warn the user about how to preve nt damage to hardware or loss of data. Notes call attentio n to important information.

Supported Processors for the Intel® Desktop Board D946GZIS

The table below gives descriptions of some co mmon terms used in the product guide. GB Gigaby te 1,bytes. GHz Gigahe rtz o ne bi llio n hertz.Intel® Desktop Board DGZIS quick reference guide including specifications, features, pricing, compatibility, design documentation, Integrated LAN 10/ Intel® PRO Network Driver for Windows Vista* for Desktop Boards. Installs the Intel g946gzis lan driver version for Intel® Desktop Boards with the Intel® PRO/Wireless.

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